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Welcome to American , your fastest , and absolutely most easiest way to create your own Mobile App , and your own Mobile Website both at the same time and with using the same American Mobi product to do it with . Wow ! Yes that is cause for a celebration , and reason for getting excited ! American Mobi is by far the simplest and fastest way to go mobile rite now available anywhere ! Please say it with me "It's a Website ! It's an App ! It's a Website-App ! " Imagine the endless possibilities that you can create using the American Mobi product . Being a Business Owner , perhaps you are known in the Tri-City area , or the Tri-County area , or even the Tri-State area , but with American Mobi , Tri-Nationwide , better yet Worldwide ! Did we mention that with every American Mobi product we include "FREE SMS TEXTING (u.s.a. only)" That's rite "FREE SMS (u.s.a. only)" , now you can "American-Mobi" , all over America ! Customers , Clients , Leads , Follow-Ups , Potential Customers , Re-Orders , Re-minders , Up Coming Sales , Discounts , Rebates , Engagements / Appearances , ShowTimes , Specials , and so much more ! This product is Ideal for, Business's , Manufacturing , Non-profit , Social Clubs , Restaurants , Home Business, Bands, Artists, and everyone whose wants to increase their business presence and their bottom line ! Remember this is "your very own mobile website ", along with "your very own mobile App" , with free sms texting (u.s.a. only) included ! Also this App and Mobile Web-site can be scripted in any language you choose for your customers , and your market . American Mobi say it with me "It's a Website ! It's an App ! It's a Website-App !"

It’s a Website…

It’s a Website ! It’s an App ! It’s a Website-App ! Advertisements

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